Nanny State Kills Wild Animals

56 exotic pets were let out by their owner. And what does the nanny state do? They come in and hunt down the animals and kill them. Once again the government shows a disregard for nature evolution and decides us weak little creature need to be protected from some animals. We didn’t used to need government to bud into our business like that. We survived for millions of years dealing with what nature had in store for us. But the nanny state thinks we can’t do it any more.

Police have shot and killed dozens of exotic animals in Ohio

Officials said the “volatile situation” of animals escaping from the 73-acre (29-hectare) Muskingum County Animal Farm and the approach of nightfall on Tuesday had prompted the shoot-to-kill order.

As usually the nanny state tries to justify such intervention by claiming the need to protect us.

Among those killed were 17 lions and 18 Bengal tigers. US nature TV host Jack Hanna said the killing of the tigers was especially tragic as there were only about 1,400 remaining in the world.

Mr Hanna said the scope of the event was immense. “This is like Noah’s Ark wrecking here in Zanesville,” he said.

He shot a gray wolf and a black bear, firing his pistol as the bear charged at him. The policeman said the bear was about 7ft (2m) away when he killed it with a single round. “All these animals have the ability to take a human out in the length of a second,” he told the Associated Press news agency.

The nanny state often tries to get popular experts to parrot their position like Mr. Jack Hanna a long time TV personality and animal expert.