Nanny State Jails Doctor Who Profited Through Heart Surgery on Healthy Hearts

Yet again the nanny state thinks they know more than you and your doctor. Just because the nanny state thinks you are healthy doesn’t mean your doctor doesn’t know better. Certainly you don’t need a nanny telling you that your doctor can’t be trusted. You chose your doctor because you trusted them, if you didn’t want extra surgery you wouldn’t have chosen a doctor that liked to operate on what others see as health hearts.

Doctor who ordered unnecessary heart surgery and risky tests jailed for 20 years

A cardiologist who ordered patients to undergo unnecessary open heart surgery and performed risky tests and procedures in order to reap fraudulent payments from Medicare and private insurers has been sentenced to 20 years in federal prison.

Dr Harry Persaud, 56, from Westlake, Ohio, may have put lives at risk and threatened people’s health while making more than $7m from manipulating patients’ “sacred trust”, federal investigators found.

The FBI said he performed unneeded nuclear stress tests and recorded false results in order to justify catheterization, in which a tube is inserted in a blood vessel via the groin, arm or neck and into the heart, as a further diagnostic test. He then falsely recorded that patients were suffering blockages.

Dr Persaud inserted cardiac stents in patients who did not need them and sent patients for bypass operations performed via open heart surgery, so he could perform follow-up tests and bill for them, investigators found.

The nanny state sure thinks they know better than patients. Certainly patients wouldn’t chose a doctor that can’t be trusted. Why does the nanny state insist on trying to meddle in people’s health?

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One thought on “Nanny State Jails Doctor Who Profited Through Heart Surgery on Healthy Hearts

  1. John, I can’t completely agree with you on this one. Yes, we have a right to see which doctor we want, even if we chose one who perhaps does not rank as one of the best. However, (1) we as individuals are not always able to judge who is or is not a good medical practitioner. With primary care we can probably make good choices. Specialist probably not so much. Of course we should obtain second opinions to improve our state of knowledge. (2) When a doctor performs unnecessary procedures just so s/he can bill for it, that amounts to taking money from the rest of us. I think where fraud is proven I believe my interests are being well looked after. Individuals can seldom successfully afford to prosecute fraud on their own — too expensive.

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