Aren’t you tired of the government telling you that you can’t manufacture radium glow in the dark watches in your back yard?  Or that you can’t write your email (or even just drink your gin and tonic) while you drive down the road in your car?  Or telling you that you can’t sell your special rhino horn aphrodisiac? Or trying to stop your bank from encouraging the widow you are trying to sell a mortgage to that it is expected that they lie about their income on their application form (as you told them your company is the 2nd largest mortgage originator in the country and you encourage everyone to lie on their applications, you wouldn’t do that if it wasn’t the right thing to do)? Or are you kids tired of the nanny state acting like its your mother, even though it isn’t, and telling you that you can’t smoke just because you are in second grade?

So are we.  Here we will show some of the wonders that we can have when the nanny state is not suppressing our right to do whatever we want.

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