Nanny State Wants Safe Bridges

A new report from the nanny staters at the The American Road and Transportation Builders Association reports on the unsafe bridges in the USA. The US Federal Highway Administration acts like it is the nanny states job to determine if bridges are safe for our cars and trucks. We don’t need the nanny state acting like we are kids that need to be coddled.

If we see unsafe bridges we can just stop and turn around and go somewhere else. On highways this might be difficult but we can just stop before the last turn off for each bridge and send our drone ahead to inspect the bridge and then turn off if it is unsafe and take a different route.

Why does the nanny state act like it has to protect us from dangers? They really need to stop being such busy bodies and leave us alone.

The nanny state reported that 29,505 of 143,139 bridges on the national highway system were deficient. And they encourage other parts of the nanny state apparatus to make those bridges safe. They don’t seem to realize if we want to drive on safe bridges we can do that for ourselves, we don’t need a nanny state trying to make all the bridges safe for us.

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